16 Jan

Turn a “No” into a “YES”

I have heard plenty of “no’s” throughout my life. After the brain injury came the most devastating negations, “No you will never return to the practice of law,” “No you will never be physically active,” “No you will never have a child.”

Granted I was substantially behind the curve when I started therapy, not being able to take care of myself and being placed on about two dozen medications to stabilize my erratic symptoms. I’m sure the doctors’ denials came from a place of experience and caution. But I couldn’t accept “No.” I had overcome too much to get to where I was in life for me to adopt the doctors’ prognoses of my new life.

I worked hard towards the goals that I had (6 years of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation), getting my legal license back and returning to volunteer work. I attended additional vestibular therapy so as to improve my balance and ultimately took up running, completing several races with the help of Achilles International guides. And although it took a year to convince the doctors and then to wean myself off my medications, Terrence and I were blessed with a healthy baby girl (Isabella just turned 7 last week).

When I was told “no,” I didn’t accept it. I kept trying, I found a new tactic, I asked for help, I kept a positive mindset, and I didn’t give up. If I have a calling to do something, if I am inspired, then I patiently keep plugging at it, while trying to have the denials “roll off my skin.” As a person of faith, I have learned to trust that God does things on Her/His schedule, not mine; that I will not be given all the answers. I am grateful to be blessed with a calling or a direction (I want to get my license back, become active again, have a child, share my story, write a book). As to the particulars of how I will get there, how the “Yes” will manifest itself, I do not know but I trust that it will come.

Believe that the “no” will turn into a “Yes.” Visualize it, be optimistic, and don’t give up. Yes, Si, Oui…you’ll get the answer you need when you need it.

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