Olga is an inspiration with an amazing story of maintaining a positive, fulfilling life despite living with multiple health challenges. Olga’s positive attitude on life is even more unique considering her roles as both a patient and a caregiver. I strongly recommend Olga to any group looking to inspire audiences with a speaker who has overcome challenges and has a genuine love of life.

-Richard London

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Olga is an amazing and passionate speaker. She presented at my annual Cultural Competency Conference held at SUNY Downstate Medical Center two years ago and my students loved her. It really helps to see someone overcome a very difficult situation and become a success. She even helped me cope with the diagnosis of my own mother’s brain tumor. Olga’s warmth, intelligence, and sincerity is a true blessing. The information she shared with my students was truly invaluable.

    • Anika,

      Thanks for your kind words. Having a chance to speak to doctors, medical students, and high schoolers thinking about going to medical school was wonderful. You let me take the topic of cultural competency and do with it what I wanted; I got the message across with narrative and humor.

      Thanks again!

      Olga Lucia

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