11 Jan

Coming From a Place of Abundance Instead of Scarcity

Changes in weather are tough on my body. With all the auto-immune diseases I have, something is bound to flare up. I find myself saying, “I don’t feel well.” “When will I feel better?” I look at others who seemingly are healthy with envious eyes. Because I have a hard time sleeping (usually due to fevers, swollen joints, aches and pains), in the morning my first thought is, “I didn’t sleep enough,” “I have so many things to do, and I’m terribly tired,” “My body aches, when will I feel better.”

I’m currently reading “Daring Bravely” by René Brown. In it she discusses how we live in a time where we see things from a perspective of scarcity—I don’t make enough money, I haven’t gotten a promotion, I don’t work out enough. Dr. Brown’s words struck me because I am constantly considering things from a point of view of scarcity. I chastise myself for all the ways I judge that I am lacking. I view the world, and my place in it, from a deficient perspective.

Talking with a good friend (thanks Nikki Kimbrough), we pondered how powerful it is to shift your perspective from one of scarcity to one of abundance. Instead of bemoaning your life, taking the time to appreciate what you have. Simply choosing to see the glass as half full, instead of half empty, can make an immense difference in how you see the world and your role in it.


As I start this new year, I am choosing to change my perspective to one of abundance—embracing what I have as enough, looking for the good in what I’m living through. Instead of complaining about my medical problems, I’m choosing to be thankful that I have access to doctors and medicine, that supportive people surround me, and that I’m alive. I have faith that even bigger and better things are coming my way.