03 Jan

2015 Bucket list

This is the time of year when we make resolutions. I’ve stopped making NYE resolutions because after so many years of making them, I’ve realized (as I’m sure you have too), that they don’t work. By the end of the year we feel guilty about what we didn’t accomplish, so we set lofty unattainable goals for the following year—lose XX pounds, eat healthy, get a new job, live a happier life, etc. These goals are abstract and lack a concrete plan.


I enjoy how much Isabella likes to set definitive goals for herself, “Mama, I’m going to read a long chapter book by the end of the week.” She lights up with excitement and writes down her accomplished goal when she finishes the book, “I read ‘Lulu’s Mysterious Mission.’ Next I’m going to write my own book.” And she does, a mystery about a cat, written and illustrated by her.

Inspired by my soon to be 7 year old daughter (her birthday is this week), I decided to write 12 bucket list things that I am going to accomplish in 2015. When I told Isabella, she was excited to join me (although she wanted to write 100 items on her list!) and by default, that meant Terrence also had to join us. We were visiting some good friends in Washington DC for NYE, so of course, they had to write their attainable 12 items as well.

Most of us easily wrote down 3 things, but then we put serious thought into 12 things that were important enough to be considered “bucket list” worthy but also doable within a year. When we shared the list with the group, we called each other out on items that were too lofty and needed to be broken down into achievable steps, something we could actually mark off. So that instead of “living a happier life,” I had, “go roller-skating and do other fun activities with Isabella, Terrence, & friends.” I know I can make myself do these activities and they, in turn, will make me happy.

Here’s to a fabulous 2015, and may you accomplish all of your bucket list dreams (aka achievable plans) this year.

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